Bring the Outdoors In

Indoor plants and trees are a wonderful addition to any room!

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There’s nothing quite like a walk in the woods, surrounded by beautiful trees and plants. If you’re looking to bring the outdoors in, a great option is an indoor tree or large houseplant. Here are some of our favourites!

Bird of Paradise – These large-leafed plants hail from the tropics, so they really enjoy a warm and humid environment. If you keep your bird of paradise in full sunlight and water it regularly, it could grow to over five feet tall! You might get really lucky and see this tree’s beautiful flowers bloom -- they’re dramatic, colourful and simply stunning!

Rubber Tree – This plant with large green leaves is a type of ficus. The sap of this tree was used in the production of rubber in the past, but isn’t used commonly anymore. In the wild, you might not recognize the rubber tree. It can grow to be 100 feet tall! Luckily, when kept as a houseplant, it usually doesn’t exceed six or seven feet tall. One important thing to note: the sap from the rubber tree can be toxic to pets, so keep your dogs and cats clear of this one.

Money Tree – The money tree is easily identified by its braided trunk. It doesn’t naturally grow like that, though – it’s braided manually! These trees don’t like cold weather, so unless you live in a warm climate year-round, they do much better indoors. The money tree gets its name from the belief that having one in your house brings good fortune – it’s worth a try!

Dragon Tree – If you’re looking for a super-easygoing houseplant houseguest, look no further than the dragon tree. Not only do these plants help to clean the air, but they’re also fine with a minimal amount of care. Just water them to the point of having slightly moist soil, don’t let them get too cold, keep them out of direct sunlight and they’ll grow up to eight feet tall. If you have pets, don’t let them nibble the leaves – they’re slightly toxic.

Umbrella Plant – These plants feature drooping leaves and branches and are also called Octopus Trees. They make excellent houseplants because they can be kept short or grown quite tall (up to 8 feet) or, if you’d prefer a smaller tabletop version, look for the Dwarf Umbrella Tree. The leaves of these plants can be pure green, or variegated with white or gold.

Indoor trees and large plants offer a host of wonderful benefits. Not only do they help to create a restful environment, but they also produce oxygen and help to add moisture to the air. If you’d like to send an indoor tree or large plant to that special someone or get one for yourself, we’re here to help!