Four Flowers, And The Meanings Behind Them

If you'd like your flower delivery to be a token of love, the classic red roses are the obvious choice; however, pink roses also symbolize happiness in general, and can be romantic or platonic.

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What do people really get out of flower deliveries? That can be difficult to determine, but evidently they do get something out of it; an estimated 86% of people report that receiving flowers makes them feel special, and there's a reason why flower shops still exist in this digital age, where many traditional industries are dying out. 

While you can send an e-card or a text, there's really nothing like receiving a flower delivery from someone you care about. The physical nature of flowers, as well as their beautiful appearance and lovely scents, make them stand out against other gifts. For that matter, a bouquet of flowers can last for several days or even longer if taken care of, giving the recipient something to fondly look upon whether they're at home or at work.

As old as the practice of gifting flowers is, it should come as no surprise that there is a special meaning to flowers that still stands today. When you send flowers to someone, you don't just want them to be meaningless, or arbitrarily chosen. If you know what a person's favorite flowers are, you can work from there. But if you want to really put meaning into your bouquet, you might want to research what some popular flowers mean. The last thing you'd want is to send sympathy flowers as a romantic gift to someone who knows the meaning of flowers. So: what are the meanings behind flowers?

1. The Meaning Behind Roses

Let's get the old favorite out of the way first. You can't go wrong with roses in general; they are seen as fine flowers, and generally are durable enough to last a good while. But roses come in a variety of colors, and the colors of roses change their meanings, as is often the case with flowers that come in different shades. 

If you'd like your flower delivery to be a token of love, the classic red roses are the obvious choice; however, pink roses also symbolize happiness in general, and can be romantic or platonic. White roses symbolize the sender being worthy of the recipient, perhaps appropriate for a more long-term, steadfast love. But yellow roses symbol jealousy, or even infidelity, and dark red roses symbolize mourning, which is why you may have seen the latter on gravesites. In short, be careful when choosing your roses!

2. The Meaning Behind Carnations

Carnations are popular alternatives for roses, known for their lush looks and bright colors. Their colors have very different meanings from those seen in roses, of course. A red carnation symbolizes heartache, as opposed to passionate love. White carnations, on the other hand, symbolize a pure love, and innocence, while pink carnations are symbolic of never forgetting. But if you'd like to send someone the message that you're not interesting, think perhaps of striped carnations, symbolizing refusal, or yellow carnations, which symbolize disappointment or rejection.

3. The Meaning Behind Camellias

Camellias, perhaps even more than roses, are the flowers of the romantics. If you send a flower delivery that includes red camellias, you're literally communicating that your heart is aflame for the recipient. How romantic! Pink camellias, on the other hand, send a message of longing, while white camellias are a bit more low key, with the message of "you're adorable". Those might be the best flowers to send someone with whom you're still in the early stages of courtship.

4. The Meaning Behind Hyacinth

Hyacinths are a bit more off the beaten path than traditional red-leaning flowers, but are no less valuable or metaphorical. They symbolize messages a bit different from the typical romantic coding seen in other flowers, with purple hyacinths often being used in sympathy flower bouquets because they symbolize sorrow. In contrast, the similar-looking blue hyacinths symbolize constancy or faithfulness, while yellow hyacinths communicate a kind of jealousy, similar to yellow roses. If you'd like to give someone your prayers, send them white hyacinths; they symbolize prayers and loveliness.

Clearly, there is much more to a flower delivery than simply appearances. Think carefully about the different flowers you're sending before you make that order; and feel free to ask the experts for help too! That's the beauty of ordering from a flower shop.