Spring has sprung!

Warm weather is on its way!

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After a long, cold winter there’s nothing that makes people feel quite as hopeful as spotting the first flowers of spring. Some flowers make their appearance earlier than others, so here’s our guide to the plants that are the first to bloom.

Crocus: There are about seventy-five different types of crocus, and they’re all simply lovely. These flowers come in a wide range of colours, including vibrant purple, sunny yellow, blush pink and white. They’re known for appearing in the spring and fall, and when the sun goes down, crocuses will close up and wait for daylight to return!

Daffodil: There’s nothing quite as bright as a daffodil. This trumpet-shaped flower is said to represent cheerfulness, new beginnings and new friendships. That sounds like the perfect reason to send a special someone a gorgeous springtime arrangement!

Snowdrop: If you’re out hiking in the late winter months, you might be lucky enough to spot this pretty white-flowered plant. It blooms in cold weather, sometimes when there’s still snow on the ground. When you see a snowdrop, don’t pick it; some people believe it’s bad luck to bring them indoors!

When the weather gets just a little bit warmer, you’re likely to see these sure signs of spring!

Tulip: From deep, ruby reds to vivid yellow to creamy white, tulips come in almost every colour you can imagine. Although they’re fairly common now, in Holland in the 1600s, tulips were so expensive that a single flower was said to cost more than a skilled worker’s annual salary!

Hyacinth: These beautiful flowers grow in a cluster and their fragrance is fabulous. Most people associate hyacinths with the colour blue, although they come in many different shades, including white and pink. These gorgeous plants can be grown both indoors and out, making them the perfect addition to any garden or spring arrangement!

If you’re ready to celebrate the arrival of spring, we’re here for you! Contact us and we’ll create a seasonally sensational arrangement for someone special.