Top 5 Elegant Houseplants to Grace Your Home

There are many species and varieties you can choose from when you order plants online. Rely on these tips to find the perfect elegant plant.

Several factors may determine the houseplant you choose to grace your home. While aesthetics are essential, you also have to consider maintenance and the plant's susceptibility to diseases, among other issues. In this article, we’ll look at some houseplants you should consider when you order plants online.

1. Purple Orchid

One of the reasons the purple orchid is popular is its showy blooms of purple that can continue for weeks. It has the longest blooming period of any orchid, extending for up to six months.

They need relatively warm indoor temperatures. But it can survive in the same temperatures you maintain in your home, which makes for suitable houseplants.

The purple orchid can be an ideal choice when you order plants online to adorn a desk in your workplace or home office. You may opt for an elegant, rustic container for the plant from your flower delivery service.

2. Bromeliad

Bromeliad plants have an unusual appearance due to their unique inflorescence characteristics. Towards the end of their life, they can change colors multiple times. They grow in warm temperatures corresponding and can perform well in interior temperatures.

The elegance of the bromeliad plant complements modern interiors infusing a spa-like ambiance into your home. You can have the plant delivered in a bamboo container with river rocks for a unique contrast to its exotic beauty.

3. Hydrangeas

The hydrangea is an elegant flower that has broad leaves and little clusters of blue or pink blooms. They may also be available in vibrant pink, lavender, red, blue, or purple when you order plants online.

The hydrangea is a popular exotic shrub you can order from a flower shop online. Between summer and fall, it can change its colors dramatically as it bloom. Its hues range from white, pink to blue, and several variations in between.

4. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is one of the popular varieties of plants you can find in any flower shop. It is a flowering succulent that is easy to maintain. The Kalanchoe can tolerate fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels.

Also known as Window’s Thrill, the flower can bloom throughout the year as long as there is enough light. It is important to note that the plant does not do well under direct sunlight. Too much light can yellow its leaves and interfere with the blooming process.

5. Croton

If you are looking to order plants online, the croton plant is another ideal choice for your home. It is an evergreen shrub native to Malaysia and India. They come in a wide variety of shapes, and their stunning colors make them a favorite for many green thumbs.

The croton plant is relatively easy to manage. Other than occasional bouts of scale insect and spider mites, croton often grows pest and disease-free. However, they may require a considerable amount of sunlight.

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There are many species and varieties you can choose from when you order plants online. Other than its appeal, you need to consider how much upkeep it will demand. But you shouldn’t be reserved if you find a flower that stirs your soul. Visit Flowers of the World and choose from one of the largest collections of online plants for sale today.