When to Send Sympathy Flowers: Making It Count

Sympathy flowers are one of the best forms of compassion that you can show to someone. When you're looking for beautiful flowers for your loved one, contact Forest of Flowers today.

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Bad things happen to everyone in life, and there is little you can do to avoid the pain and displeasure of them. Everyone dies, gets sick, is affected by an unfortunate accident or loss of employment. Thankfully, our friends and family usually come to the rescue with their gifts of time and understanding. In some instances, they may also come bearing sympathy flowers as well.

It's estimated that 86% of people report that receiving flowers makes them feel special or taken care of in some way. And why wouldn't it? Receiving flowers is technically a gift, and if the flowers are planted in a medium (such as soil or nutrient rocks) they are the gift that keeps on giving.

In this brief article we'll go over when it's appropriate to send sympathy flowers, and what type you should gravitate toward. This can vary on culture, location, and time period, so you are going to need to fill in some specifics of the situation on your own. But with a little creativity and some time spent thinking about who will receive your floral gift, you'll be able to flourish with the best of them.

When Should You Send Sympathy Flowers?

It can be difficult to determine exactly when you should send sympathy flowers to someone. Is a job loss or divorce appropriate, or should you simply wait until someone is sick and in the hospital? There is no catch-all answer that will determine the outcome in all circumstances, and you know the specific person as well as anybody else. However, there are some standardized circumstances in which someone receiving flowers will not be looked at as an odd duck.

Deaths and times of sickness are almost universally seen as times when receiving flowers is an appropriate gift. There is something about a lovely flower delivery of roses into a hospital room that tends to bring a smile to people's faces. A scented bouquet of spring favorites will help cheer someone up that is recovering from a birth or protracted illness. If someone has recently died, it is usually seen as appropriate to send flowers to their family members or the funeral home where they will be held in the wake. The type of flower will depend on the occasion, what's in season, and what will keep in the environment.

If you're wondering whether it's okay to send flowers to someone experiencing heartbreak or divorce, the answer is usually "it depends." While divorce and breakups are usually private personal matters, especially among women, this may be a more common cheer-up method. Certainly, after a difficult personal relationship, receiving a bouquet of scented flowers isn't going to hurt, is it? Try to avoid cliched romantic flowers such as roses, daffodils, and the various assorted others.

Cut Flowers Or Whole Flowers?

One of the great questions, when one is considering whether to send sympathy flowers or not, is whether they should send cut flowers or whole flowers. By cut flowers, we mean flowers that have been severed from their stem into sympathy flower bouquets or other arrangements. These flowers will eventually die, but can keep for some time. In some cultures, such as Japan, giving cut flowers is a great insult because they are perceived as dead or dying. To give them to someone in bad condition is not to wish them well, but just the opposite.

Live flowers, on the other hand, are still alive and planted in a medium of the florist's choice (usually soil or rocks with a nutrient solution). These can be preferable to cut flowers in that they are technically two gifts: the initial flowers that the recipient will receive, and then the blooms and life cycle of the flower should the gifted choose to take care of it. You should know the temperament of who you're giving the flowers to before you decide on this option. Many people may consider it a burden to have to take care of flowers and will not welcome the imposition.

Sympathy flowers are one of the best forms of compassion that you can show to someone. When you're looking for beautiful flowers for your loved one, contact Flowers of the World today.